Martin Foundry Co. Inc.
1510 Crystal
Kansas City, MO 64126
tel: 816-231-4971

email: george@martinfoundry.com


pictureFor over 50 years, Martin Foundry has been producing quality brass and aluminum castings to meet the needs of industry and commerce.

In 1934, George P. Martin saw the need for superior workmanship and dependable foundry services in a booming American manufacturing economy. He began filling those needs with an artistry and craftsmanship based on a simple, responsive idea..."Make a quality product, stand behind it, and treat your customers with respect." George knew how to make a quality product and how to keep quality customers.

Today, that same commitment to craftsmanship, quality products and customer satisfaction continues, under the direction of his grandson, George A. Stone.

Talented hands, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to quality standards, make Martin Foundry ideally suited in a worldwide manufacturing economy for a variety of casting jobs, where dependable, cost-efficient production is required.

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